Sunday, September 2, 2007

an introduction

Ever since I started throwing as a junior in high school, my pottery teachers have told me to keep a glaze journal. That way, instead of whining about this necessary evil, I could learn from my mistakes and make the process less painful. I never kept that journal religiously. This time, I'm really going to do it -- online. I swear.

There will be other stuff. I'm exploring the online network of potters and finding it inspirational and educational. I'll link to sites and blogs I find helpful and hope that you find them that way, too.

If, by any slim chance, I have readers, feel free to write me or leave comments with your own thoughts and experiences.

This semester my goal is to go beyond the mass-production style I adopted in the spring to practice techniques I've learned, but rarely use. I'm thinking of sgraffito, underglazes, slip, altered pots, agate ware, piercing and carving.

Of course, there will be pictures. And fun!

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